June 24, 2014

Pictures of the Smith Family Then and Now

This photo was taken on our wedding day April 19, 1980.We were both 25 years old and crazy in love. My years with Rick were far too few, but plentiful with adventure and happiness that can be later remembered in narratives https://best-writing-service.com/personal-narrative-essay. I wouldn't trade them for a thousand lifetimes.

Ben's first Christmas.

Christmas 1989.

Megan, age 2, decorating the tree.

Nick and Megan with Santa.

One of Rick’s famous snowmen.

My favorite photo of Rick with our children taken in July 1993, just before we realized we were lost in Glacier National Park. That’s Nick, age six, playing with his dad’s pocketknife. Megan, age four, is seated on Rick’s lap. Ben, age 10, wears the Bellbrook ball cap.

Smith Family, April 2012.

Smith Family, today.